The aim of this contract is to clarify the terms under which I suggest we work together.
Our sessions will be 50 minutes long and usually weekly, but it may be appropriate to
arrange more or less frequent sessions depending on the stage of therapy. At our first or
second meeting we come to an agreement about the number of sessions we want to
arrange, typically initially about six sessions. At the end of these we review therapy and
decide upon further sessions. A course of cognitive therapy usually lasts between 8 and 20
sessions but it can also be longer depending on your situation and difficulties.

For anyone paying privately, the cost of a session is £70.- payable by bank transfer prior to
the session (unless you let me know in advance that you would like to pay in cash).
Please use the following details:

BACS: Account name: Clea J Alber
Sort code: 16-3439
Account number: 10046947

If your treatment is funded by a health insurance provider or other third party, the cost of
the sessions will depend on your specific arrangements so please let me know if this is the
case for you.

If you know that you cannot attend a session please let me know, giving me as much
warning as you can. I too shall inform you well in advance of any times I shall be away. If I
have to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances I will try to give you as much notice as
possible but you can be assured that I shall do my utmost not to cancel sessions at short
notice. Once we have arranged a session the time is yours and, even if you arrive late, we
will still have to end on time. Also, if you miss or cancel a session with less than 24 hours’
notice, I shall still have to ask you for the full fee as I have set this time aside for you. If you
cancel a session with less than eight days’ notice you will need to pay £15 to cover basic

Therapy requires a trusting relationship and whilst I may encourage you to question and
challenge established ways of thinking and acting, I will do this from a non-judgmental and
accepting stance. Our relationship, however, will be confined to therapy so we shall not
have contact outside of these sessions except to arrange appointments. If we are to meet
anywhere by chance I shall aim to not acknowledge you first in case you do not wish to
explain to other people who I am.

In order to make sure that we both feel safe and that you can get the most out of your
therapy session it is important that you do not come under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
If this poses a difficulty please let me know so that we can look for solutions to this

There may be times whilst you undergo therapy when you are distressed and you feel
therapy is not helping you. I would like to encourage you to come and talk about these
difficulties rather than suddenly end therapy. This will give you an opportunity to
understand and resolve your distress.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please let me know. Otherwise
please sign below.

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