As an accredited therapist I adhere to the BABCP ‘Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics’. You can view these along with useful information about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on the association’s website:

Generally, information from and about you is kept strictly confidential. There are times when I would share information with others but there are stringent safeguards in place:

  • For supervision: In order to ensure the quality of my work with you I may discuss aspects of it with my clinical supervisor. However, this will be done respectfully, only as clinically relevant and without any unnecessary identifying details.
  • We might agree that it would be helpful if I spoke to someone who is involved in your care. In this case I would clarify with you in advance what the purpose and remit of the information sharing is and obtain your consent to give information. Alternatively, if someone requested information from me I would only release it if I knew that you had given your consent for me to do so.

There are, however, two exceptions to confidentiality:

  • If I am compelled to break confidence by a court of law.
  • If the information you give me is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained, for example if there is a possibility of harm to yourself or others, or in some cases of serious crimes.

However, also in these instances I will endeavour to seek your consent before breaching confidentiality where possible.

Furthermore, I shall keep written notes of your contact details (including those of your GP) and of our work. You can be assured that these records will be safely stored and locked away. In case of my sudden death or incapacity, provisions are made for these records to be destroyed.

If you have questions about any of the above or other aspects of confidentiality please let me know.

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